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We Pay Up To $250 more than our competitors!

See what my vehicle is worth

We buy, even if you don't

If you want to sell your car, we'll give you an offer. Even if you don't buy with us!

Quick Easy process

We'll have a written offer on the table in no time. Not just an estimate.

The best Offer Around

The price we'll give you is going to be the best you'll get. We pay fairly.

Step 1: Get a physical Vehicle Inspection

One of our Certified Appraisers will perform a physical inspection.

Step 2: See Competing Offers

We share market data with you that is based on local and national markets. These competing numbers ensure that you are getting the best possible value for your vehicle.

Step 3: Sell to Viers Auto Sales

Get a cashable check same day assuming your car is free and clear. If not, we make the payoff on your behalf and take care of all necessay paperwork.

Trade In and Save

How Trading In Works

Get an offer for your trade-in

Find your next ride

Apply the value of your trade-in to your purchase or down payment

You can save hundreds in sales tax! (see example)

How You Can Save

You may be eligible to pay less in sales tax by trading in. How much you save depends on your state's sales tax rate and the value of your trade-in.


Our Offer for your car



Michigan tax credit




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